Pointed elf ears cosmetic surgery – Myth Or Real?

Could you imagine having permanent pointy ears just like an elf?  You’re in luck.  Advancements in cosmetic surgery have made it possible for you yourself to have some cute pointed ears.  The process isn’t the most pleasant body modification available and still considered rather extreme.
Who Is Performing This Body Modification?
There are numerous claims on the Internet by noted cosmetic surgeons, most notably the claims by Dr. Lajos Nagy who claims that pointed ears aren’t just for cosmetic reasons but will also help your hearing. This type of body modification isn't practiced as frequently as other types of modification...Therefore making this an exclusive and small community.

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Nagy’s website.
Why are pointed ears more sensitive?
One of its reasons is rather simple: pointed ears focus sounds in a better way, which, in the case of animals, is supplemented by the fact that they can orientate themselves towards the source of sounds without turning their heads, by moving only their ears.
The other reason is the own frequency of the pinnae, as being solid objects themselves, which changes together with their shape. Pointed ears resonate with sounds at the frequency of around 8 kHz, thus they amplify sharp sounds instead of the intermediate frequencies. This is the reason why, amongst other things, dogs are sensitive to ultrasonic sounds, which are imperceptible for human ears.
Although turning the pinnae still remains impossible for human beings according to its anatomic features, the advantages of pointed ears can be enjoyed once again with the help of a simple, routine operation.
Be the next to sharpen your hearing!

Now, there have been absolutely no scientific studies that prove pointed ears improve hearing.  Dr. Nagy has also received plenty of negative press as all his before and after photos of this procedure are obviously photo shopped, which can be seen in the picture above.  Notice that the hair styles in both the before and after are identical, including the miscellaneous hairs slightly out of place.  I personally don’t believe Dr. Nagy has ever performed any pointed ears cosmetic surgery.

Not All Elf Ears Are A Hoax
Several real  body modification professionals do actually perform this modification, including Russ Foxx from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Here you can see that Russ Foxx actually offers pictures of each stage of the healing process proving that Elf Ears are an entirely possible body modification. There are several other qualified body modification professionals providing this body modification throughout the world.
Is The Process Reversible?
Sadly, this is a one and done procedure. Once you modify your ears and remove the excess tissue there is no way to repair your now pointy ears without extensive plastic surgery, which will no doubt cost many folds more then the original process cost.